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Kodak PROFESSIONAL BW400CN 35mm Film

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If you want the power of black and white with the convenience of color, try KODAK PROFESSIONAL BW400CN Film. Its fine grain, outstanding highlight and shadow detail, and smooth, neutral tone scale make BW400CN the perfect choice for today's discerning photographers. And it can be processed wherever your color print film is dropped off today. KODAK PROFESSIONAL BW400CN Film is a multi-purpose 400-speed black-and-white chromogenic film designed for processing in color negative chemistry and printing on color negative paper. BW400CN Film features the finest grain available today in a professional chromogenic film. The result is a smooth, neutral tone image with outstanding highlight and shadow detail. This film is designed for portrait/wedding, commercial and advanced amateur photographers looking for the power of black-and-white imagery coupled with the convenience of using Process C-41 for film and Process RA-4 for color prints. This film is intended for exposure with daylight, electronic flash, and artificial illumination. You can also obtain pleasing results under other light sources, i.e. illumination in stadiums, without using filters.

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