OneStep 2 Viewfinder (Branca)

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Polaroid OneStep 2 Viewfinder (Branca)

Ref.: 9120066088659

Inspirada pela câmera OneStep original de 1977, a Polaroid OneStep 2 é uma câmara instantânea analógica para a era moderna. Leva apenas um momento a registar e transformar em algo que você pode segurar, algo que você pode compartilhar, algo real.

Preço: 129,00 €


Preços incluem o Iva à taxa em vigor

One step photography.
With only a few buttons and a simple, intuitive design, it’s easy enough for a child to use (no matter how old you are).
Perfect imperfection.
Every time you press the shutter thousands of chemical reactions ignite to create one real, unpolished, completely unique image. That’s the beauty of Polaroid.
Always get your shot.
The built-in strobe flash and high-quality 2ft to infinity lens make sure you always get a great picture. All you have to do is push the button.
The choice 
is yours.
The OneStep 2 works with all styles of i-Type Film and 600 Film, giving you loads of choice, and more freedom of expression.
High-quality lens (2 ft – ∞)
60-day battery life
Powerful flash
Self-timer? function
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