75 Watt Macro Ring Light

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    Walimex 75 Watt Macro Ring Light

    Ref.: 4250234576260

    Iluminador circular Macro de 75W, de potencia regulável

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    Walimex Ring Light 75W

    Ideal for product photography

    This ring light creates a shadow-free lighting and is therefore particularly well-suited for product shots and macro pictures. Due to its shape it creates a round highlight, which makes it well-suited for portraits as well.

    Steplessly dimmable

    The light can be dimmed steplessly from 43-100 percent; this allows an adjustment to any light situation. That way you are even more flexible and the light can be used as main light or highlight.


    It can be used with any commercially available tripod, and allows a shadow-free illumination of the motif. As the light can be tilted, it is also suited for lighting from above without the need for a boom stand.

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