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O tripé de ultra leve com um peso total (incl. cabeça esférica) de apenas 2140g foi especialmente concebido para fotógrafos de viagens e cidades. Suporta 12 Kg.

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Principais Caracteristicas:

  • Segmentos da perna do tripé: 4º
  • Máx. Altura: 169,5 cm
  • Min. Altura: 20 cm
  • Máx. Carga: 12kg
  • Material: alumínio
  • Peso 1.444 g

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The C6I & 62Q Set

This is an offer you can’t miss. Choose the C6I tripod and Rollei throws in the complimentary 62Q panorama ball head. This nifty bundle pretty much makes up your entire photographing accessory arsenal, as the only thing that’s missing from the equation is the DSLR camera. The C6I tripod with head 62Q, multi-purpose spanner, spikes, hook, and tripod bag are everything you’ll ever need to get the camera rolling.

The C6I and the 62Q – a match made in heaven

It doesn’t have to be just any old camera. The C6I tripod with head will hold a maximum load of 12 kg (approx. 26.5 lbs), and it extends its four leg sections to a maximum height of 1.74 m (5.7 ft). It’s ideal for outdoor activities, especially ones involving tall grasslands, high waves, considerable snowfall, or heavy precipitation. If your subjects are people, not natural elements, the C6I should fit in nicely, given as it can help you take steady shots at eye-level, which makes your footage all the more engaging.

The aluminium legs extend easily and secure into place effortlessly using quick-release locks, while the foam grips prevent slipping or damage to the hands that may result from extremely cold or hot weather conditions. Pan, tilt and lock your tripod into a safe position and make the most of your travels with a tripod and ball head set that do what it says on the tin, and more.

This panoramic tripod with head is an all-rounder

When you buy the C6I & 62Q set, you enjoy 24 months of warranty and free replacements, indisputable premium build quality, excellent compatibility with other Rollei products and similar brands, and the opportunity to experience the thrill of owning professional equipment manufactured by an optical equipment specialist with experience spanning nearly a century.

Accessories: 62Q Panorama ball head, 3 spikes, replacement, rubber feet, wrist strap, multi-purpose spanner, hook, beltbag for monopod and tripod bag

Material: Aluminium

Weight (excl. ball head) 1.75 kg

Weight (incl. ball head) 2.12 kg

Min height 19 cm

Max height 174 cm

Tripod load 12 kg

Segments 4 Stativbeinsegmente Stativbeindurchmesser: 28,25,22,19mm


Weight (excl. ball head) 0.62 kg

Weight (incl. ball head) 1 kg

Max height 181 cm

Min height 90 cm

Load 12 kg

Ball head

Name Stativkopf FPH-62Q

Controls pan, tilt, lock

Height 9.5 cm

Base width 4.9 cm

Weight 0.37 kg

Load 12 kg

Dimensions of quick release plate 4.1 x 4.9 cm

Weight of quick release plate 0.05 kg

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