D5 100th Anniversary Edition

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Nikon D5 100th Anniversary Edition

Ref.: 0018208953899

Principais Características

  • Edição Limitada "100th anniversary" da Premiada D5
  • Acabamento cinza metalizado com logotipo personalizado e número de série especial da Edição comemorativa "100th anniversary"
  • Inclui correia especial em pele, Livro exclusivo e Mala de Transporte personalizada em Metal.
Preço: 10390,00 €


Preços incluem o Iva à taxa em vigor

In 1959, Nikon debuted its first flagship SLR camera, the Nikon F, and changed the face of photography forever. Since then, each new Nikon flagship model has echoed that spirit of innovation, that mastery of engineering, that unwavering commitment to making the impossible suddenly possible. To commemorate this extraordinary legacy, Nikon proudly presents the ultimate flagship camera, D5 100th Anniversary Edition. The award-winning full-frame D5 (dual XQD card slots) has been specially designed with a brilliant metallic gray finish and the Nikon 100th anniversary logo. For those looking to personalize this special product, Nikon will offer a personalized engraving service that will let owners truly make this camera their own. The camera is also accompanied by a premium Italian leather strap, an exclusive booklet celebrating Nikon's contribution to space projects and a metal travel case engraved with your camera's unique serial number. For those who rely on Nikon for their passion, their inspiration or even their livelihood, this is the gift of the century.

close up photo of the top of the D5 anniversary DSLR

Brilliant metallic gray finish

close up of the Nikon 100th anniversary logo

Commemorative logo

photo of the D5 anniversary edition camera and accessories in the supplied case

Includes plate with your camera's unique serial number

photo of the case with the anniversary logo engraved on it

Engraved with Nikon 100th Anniversary logo

photo of the brochure and booklet that comes with the anniversary edition D5

Special product brochure and Nikon 100th Anniversary booklet

photo of the leather camera strap that comes with the anniversary edition D5

Premium Italian leather strap embossed with 100th anniversary logo

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