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TILTA Power Supply Base Plate TGA-PBP (RS 2)

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TILTA Power Supply Base Plate TGA-PBP (RS 2)

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Principais Caracteristicas:

  • [SECURE & EASY ASSEMBLY] with Flexible Installation Options for Various Shooting Needs
  • [MOUNTING OPTIONS] Secure the RS2 to Tripods, Sliders, Jibs, Car Mounts, and Stabilization Systems via 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threads
  • [CONSTANT POWER] Operate the RS2 for Longer Durations with Higher Capacity Gold and V-Mount Batteries
  • [EXTRA SECURITY] via the Side Holding Bracket which Provides an Additional Point of Contact
  • [COMPATIBILITY] Specifically Designed for DJI RS2

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The Power Supply Base Plate for RS 2  attaches directly to the base of the RS 2 and allows you to power the gimbal via Gold or V-Mount Batteries via the included P-tap to 2-pin cable.

The 1/4?-20 and 3/8-16 threads on the bottom of the Base Plate allow you to mount the RS2 to many different systems such as Tripods, Jibs, Sliders, Car Mounts, Stabilization Systems, and other products in our Ecosystem like the Hydra Alien and Float System.

The side bracket attaches from the Base Plate to the body of the RS 2 which provides an additional point of contact and added security.

Product Overview

secure assembly

Secure & Easy Assembly

Cartridge design for the base plate port. Compatible with RS2 gimbal.

Compact & High Compatibility

High Compatibility

Connects to gimbal, monopod, Russian Arm, suction cup, car mount, Tilta Float System, etc.

13-17v power port

Constant Power, More Productivity

The 2-pin LEMO power port (13-17V) provides external power for the gimbal and extends the operation time.

secure your gimbal

More Security

The side holding bracket provides extra security for the gimbal in bumpy conditions when used with a car mount.

works with tilta float system and dji rs2 compatible

Flexible Installation For Various Shooting Needs

Compatible with the Tilta Float System. Provides a power solution for different shooting needs.

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