Filtro Graduado 100X150MM SOFT GND 8 Mark II

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Rollei Filtro Graduado 100X150MM SOFT GND 8 Mark II

Ref.: 4048805261789

Filtros 100x150mm de densidade neutra graduado 8

Principais Características

  • Baixa distorção de cor
  • Baixa reflexão
  • Vidro óptico HD
  • Nano Revestimento
Preço: 137,00 €


Preços incluem o Iva à taxa em vigor

Professional  Soft GND Filter

The Rollei Profi Soft GND Filter is a rectangular, grey graduated filter with a soft gradient. A GND filter is an expanded ND Filter that attenuates to transparency towards the lower end . The upper half of the filter begins darkened and, attenuating smoothly, decreases in darkness as it flows downwards.

High-quality glass processing

To obtain excellent photo quality, your photo equipment must, of course, be of high quality. This is why our Rollei Profi Rectangular Filters are made of real glass and processed to a high standard. The filters are made of fine, annealed H-K9L optical glass and are multiple-coated on both sides.

Because of the high-quality processing of the glass, these four quality features of Rollei Photo Filters are guaranteed:

  1. High colour fidelity
  2. Low reflection
  3. HD optical glass
  4. Nano-tempering


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