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Sennheiser ew 100 ENG G4-A

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Sennheiser ew 100 ENG G4-A
A quarta geração da evolução wireless torna a tecnologia wireless profissional ainda mais flexível, mais fácil e mais segura. Para músicos, cineastas ou qualquer tipo de trabalho profissional o Sennheiser G4 é o sistema que vai ajudar nas suas necessidades.

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Principais Caracteristicas:

  • Largura de banda de comutação 42 MHz
  • Frequência de resposta dos microfones 50 - 18000 Hz
  • Desvio máximo 48 kHz
  • Número de frequências pré-definidas 20
  • Gama de radiofrequências 516 - 558 MHz
  • Sensibilidade 1.6 µV
  • THD, distorção harmónica total 0,9 %.
  • Número de frequências de recepção 1680
  • Relação sinal/ruído 110 dB
  • Cabos incluídos XLR-3,5 mm, Áudio (3,5 mm)
  • Adaptador de câmara incluído Sim
  • Número de aparelhos de condicionamento de sinal 2
  • Número de microfones incluídos 1

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The portable combo set

Sennheiser's ew 100 ENG G4-E portable combo set is particularly suitable for presentations, as both microphone and pocket transmitter and camera receiver score with their lightness and inconspicuousness. The omnidirectional microphone can be quickly and securely attached to clothing thanks to the improved clip included, while its size makes it barely noticeable. Whether on stage or in the presentation room - speech intelligibility plays the most important role, which is why the frequency range has been adapted to it. The camera receiver also enables wireless voice transmission in live video.

The set also includes an SKP 100 G4 transmitter for dynamic microphones to convert a wired dynamic microphone into cordless handheld transmitters.

The set enables wireless transmission with a range of up to 100 m and has a battery life of up to 8 hours.

Wireless microphones have never been easier and more flexible

The G4 from Sennheiser is the fourth generation of the bellieben Sennheiser evolution wireless series and is ideal for applications such as touring, outdoor shooting, in conference rooms or lecture halls. With the G4 100 series, 12 channels can now be synchronized within seconds. This feature saves valuable time when setting up. The 300 and 500 G4 series come with a high bandwidth of up to 88 MHz. The display is the heart of the system, from which all relevant settings can be made. The Wireless Systems Manager software is for the 300 Series and 500 Series that Control Cockpit is for the 300 Series. These software variants make monitoring multi-channel systems extremely simple and ensure a perfect workflow.

The transmission reliability of Sennheiser G4 systems is very high

The Sennheiser 300 and 500 G4 has a perfect sound even at a distance of 100 meters, which is also due to the transmission power of up to 50 mW. For this purpose, feedback-proof microphone capsules have been installed in the microphones; this interaction ensures transmission reliability right down to the last row of a room. Especially where everything has to be in one take, for example during outside shoots, surrounded by many other camera teams, G4 shows its full potential.
The Sennheiser Evolution wireless G4 is made for all stages, small and large, indoors and outdoors
That's why musicians and professional sound designers alike are enthusiastic about Sennheiser's most flexible live system.

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