Pro video set advanced I

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    Walimex Pro video set advanced I

    Ref.: 4250234584388

    Kit video rig para videografos avançados

    Principais Características

    • Rig de mão-ombro extremamente rigoroso Director I para filmagens sem trepidação.
    • Matte box director I ajustavel para proteger a sua câmara da luz solar e por sua vez evitar reflexos indesejados.
    • Follow focus de alta qualidade para focar com facilidade.
    • Pinças angulares de 15mm para acessórios.
    • Expansível com outros acessórios versáteis.
    • Compatível com todos os kits de acessórios walimex.

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    • 1x walimex pro Hand-Shoulder-Videotripod Director I, consisting of 1 camera unit, 2 rods (length: 18.5cm), 1 rods (length: 25cm), shoulder rig, 1 rod (length: 30cm), 1 shoulder rig unit padded, 2 grips
    • 1x walimex pro Follow Focus Spin, incl. gear ring, universal l-plate
    • 1x walimex pro Lens Hood Matte Box Director I
    • 1x walimex pro 15mm Angular Clamp with 1/4 inch thread


    Video kit Advanced
    For advanced filming enthusiasts who would like to work professionally, our video set Advanced is exactly the right choice. The hand-shoulder video rig Director I offers high carrying comfort and stability when filming. The high quality Matte box Director I and a Follow Focus Spin complete this set. Also with this set you obviously have the possibility to mount a Magic Arm by using the angle clamp, which is part of the set.

    Hand-shoulder Rig Director I
    The DSLR Rig by walimex pro stabilizes your DSLR or system camera and that way makes calm and shake-free filming possible. That way, professional filming results are possible with your camera. The Rig can be adjusted exactly to your requirements. For example, you can mount a follow focus system or barn doors on the rig and that way optimize the rig precisely for yourself and your work. Due to the quick-release fasteners, the rig is quickly assembled and disassembled. It can be stored in a space-saving manner. The Rig can be flexibly adjusted to your height. In order to do this, simply adjust the distance between shoulder rest and camera plate with quick-release fasteners. The shoulder rest is padded and lies comfortably on your shoulder. That way, longer shootings are no problem with the DSLR Rig. For a secure grip, the grips of the rig are ergonomic and rubberized. The camera plate too is rubberized which prevents the camera from moving unintentionally. The used material, black anodized aluminum, ensures a very low weight and a high stability of the rig. Its workmanship is very high quality and it is very sturdy.

    Follow Focus Spin
    The Follow Focus by walimex pro allows you to focus smoothly when filming. With the Follow Focus you can precisely adjust the focus level. The white area on the wheel is provided for marking the focus sequence. On it you can mark various points, e.g. with stickers or water-soluble pens. An adjustable gear ring makes the use with lenses of a diameter from 52mm to 86mm possible. The Follow Focus can be mounted on either side of the lens. The gear can simply be moved to the other side of the Follow Focus, making it suitable for use on both sides of the lens. Due to the universal L plate, the Follow Focus can also be used without a rig. Simply mount the L-plate directly to your camera via the tripod thread and then the follow focus to the plate. This also makes the combination with a tripod possible which gives you additional flexibility in your work.

    Matte Box Director I
    With the Matte Box by walimex pro you can shield your camera from sunlight during shootings, and therefore prevent lens reflections (lens flares). This ensures professional film results. The degree of shielding can be freely selected, by adjusting the three movable barn doors individually. That way it is also possible to use them in combination with wide angle lenses. Two filter trays with removable filter holders allow the use of 4x4 filters. One of the filter trays is rotatable by 360 degrees while the other one is fixed.
    The lens hood is compatible with all DSLR rigs with 15mm rods at a distance of 6cm. It is mounted on the rods of the rig and locked into place. In order to adjust the Matte Box optimally to the used camera and lens, it can be adjusted in height.

    15 mm angular clamp
    Via the 15 mm angular clamp with 1/4 inch thread you can mount neary every accessory as e.g. a swivel arm.

    Video Rig &nbsp";"
    Max. Load Capacity approx. 16kg
    Rod Distance on Camera Unit 6cm
    Rig Rod Diameter 15mm
    Weight approx. 1.1kg
    Material aluminum, plastic
    Follow Focus  "
    Length Gear Ring approx. 36cm
    Width Gear Ring 8mm
    Width Wheel 58mm
    Weight Gear Ring approx. 40g
    Weight Follow Focus approx. 340g
    Gear Ring for Lens Drive Industrial Standard Mod 0.8
    Rig Rod Diameter 15mm
    Rod Distance 6cm (center to center)
    Material aluminum, ABS
    Matte Box  "
    Lens Compatibility lenses with a filter diameter of up to 98mm
    Filter Size 4x4
    Clamp Opening (&oslash";") 15mm
    Distance (Clamp Openings) 4.5cm (6cm from center to center)
    Material plastic, aluminum
    Angular Clamp  "
    Connecting Thread 1/4 inch (2x)
    Diameter Clamp Openings 15mm
    Material aluminum, plastic