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MANFROTTO 190XPRO (4 secções) + Cabeça 3W

Código: 8024221623277
MANFROTTO 190XPRO (4 secções) + Cabeça 3W
Kit de tripé MT190XPRO4 de 4 secções com cabeça de punhos MHXPRO-3W

395,00 €DisponívelEntrega prevista dia 27 março

Principais Caracteristicas:

  • Tripé em alumínio de 4 secções
  • Comprimento fechado: 62 cm
  • Altura Máxima: 173 cm
  • Carga suportada: 6 Kg
  • Peso: 3,1 Kg
  • Cabeça MHXPRO-3W
  • Ref. MK190XPRO4-3W

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Versatile framing for videographers and photographers. The 190XPRO4 has a 90° centre column mechanism that enables you to quickly extend the column to a vertical or horizontal orientation, and switch view in an instant. That means you will benefit from a much wider range of framing and shooting opportunities so you never miss out on that perfect shot, wherever you are.

Each leg of this tripod with head can be independently and securely set to a pre-set angle, meaning you can frame and shoot more flexibly. With a freely rotating bubble level in the top of the centre column, nothing will obscure your view and get in the way of your composition. That's because the bubble level can be positioned wherever it's easiest for you to see it as you adjust your tripod.

The Quick Power Lock (QPL) levers means you can quickly extend and adjust the legs of the tripod by blocking and unblocking each section. These are expertly designed so that they can be opened single-handedly in only one movement, and provide a powerful locking of all the sections, keeping your equipment considerably more secure than traditional models.

The horizontal column mechanism, in the tripod's top casting, is specially designed to be as compact as possible, and makes switching between horizontal and vertical position easier than ever before. In fact, you won't even have to disassemble and reassemble your camera when switching orientation. Save time and keep your equipment in the intended position so you'll always be ready for your next shoot. Thanks to its quick-release camera plate, you can use the 190XPRO4 tripod with a broad range of devices The retractable levers also make this product ultra-compact, and the new friction controls on the tripod's portrait and tilt axes help balance the weight of your equipment to ensure stability. Make adjustments with the locking knobs in just seconds. These knobs will also lock everything into back place when you want to shoot again. The 190XPRO4 and HXPRO-3W head are manufactured to high standards by Manfrotto in Italy.

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