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ARCASWISS Camera Plate SQ 1/4" 38mm

Código: 200258802208
ARCASWISS Camera Plate SQ 1/4" 38mm
Ref 802208

75,00 €IndisponívelEntrega prevista dia 17 abril

Principais Caracteristicas:

  • Rosca: 1/4
  • Superfície antiderrapante de borracha
  • Dimensões: 38mm x 38mm
  • Peso: 27g

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Due to the pyramid-shaped rubber surface, the plate holds on the camera without twisting.
If your camera does not have holes for one of the special plates, this plate is the camera plate of choice.

  •     thread: 1/4
  •     non-slip rubber surface
  •     can be used on cameras or optics
  •     for "Classic" or "FlipLock" quick clamps
  •     Dimensions: 38mm x 38mm
battery grip: universal
Weight: 27g / 0,95 oz
Objective / spotting scope plates: Lenses, Spotting scope
Feature: rubberized surface, universally useable
Suitable for: Camera, Lenses
Thread: 1/4
Dimensions: 38mm x 38 mm

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