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HOYA Filtro HD Nano MK II UV 58mm

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HOYA Filtro HD Nano MK II UV 58mm
Filtro Premium com 32 camadas anti-reflexo, nano ultra duro, revestimento de alta transmissão e vidro UV temperado. Repelente de água e óleo

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The HOYA HD nano Mk II UV is the best protection you can get for your lens. Equipped with HOYA's highest quality glass, manufactured with a high-pressure press technology for maximum sturdiness, and perfected with the unmatchable ultra-hard nano coating, the HD nano Mk II UV will provide you with the protection of a fortress and an image quality worthy for the big screen. Experience what it means to use a titan!


The most vulnerable spot of filters are their coatings. A coating is not permanent. Daily usage and wiping when cleaning the filter wear the coating off. The filter protects from potential physical damage – but the coating should also have extraordinary strength in order to not wear off during routine maintenance. If the coating loses its effectiveness, the image quality suffers.

But not with the HD nano Mk II's ultra-hard nano coating. This newly developed coating is applied onto the filter's glass surface more firmly and tightly on the nano level than ever before. Due to this, the particles are layered on the glass surface with extremely high density that creates a hard to come off and smooth coating.


Basic Coating

HD nano Mk II Coating

With applying now an incredible amount of 32 layers to both sides of the filter glass, the coating becomes a staggering 800% more scratch resistant than commonly used coating – and can even protect from direct wiping with steel wool!

The smoothness of the coating provides the filter with stain resistance as well as water and oil repellent properties, making everyday cleaning as easy and fast as it can get.

Owing to the ultra-hard nano coating, the HD nano Mk II is a perfect fit for protecting expensive lenses that are used regularly in harsh conditions – without having to worry about constantly replacing the filter.


While the coating ensures the best image quality, the filter glass is essential for the actual protection of the lens. No one will shoot with a peaceful mind putting a protector filter with simple, easy breakable glass in front of an expensive lens. Even if the protector will intercept the hit, the glass might still break with the shards ending up damaging the lens anyways. What is necessary is the protection of an armor that even if it gets damaged will never shatter – just like the HD Reinforced UV-Cut Glass.

The glass of the HD nano Mk II UV is a special chemically enhanced optical glass that is a remarkable four-times stronger than normal glass, making it extremely robust. However, all glass has limits to what it can withstand, and so does the HD Reinforced UV-Cut Glass. In order to reduce the risk that the glass of your lens takes damage in an extreme scenario where the filter won't be able to withstand an impact, the HD nano Mk II UV will not easily shatter into all directions. Instead, it will rather stick together, avoiding the risk that shards will hit the front element of your lens.



The glass has a sharp UV cut property that cuts out the UV light without having any negative effect on the colors in the visible light spectrum. UV light can potentially cause a haze and blue color cast in your image. The filter will reduce such negative effects, making your final image ultimately sharper and clearer.

The HD Reinforced UV-Cut Optical Glass provides the ultimate protection for your lens physically and the excellent quality ensures that you will never have any unwanted change of colors in your image!


When it comes to filter quality, an often overlooked factor is the frame and especially how the glass is mounted into it.

The HD nano Mk II brings the stability to the next level: The glass is mounted with a special high-pressure press technology to the frame. This gives the glass an extra lasting stability, increasing the filter's overall sturdiness and prolonging its life-time greatly.

The frame itself is made of aluminum for best durability and is designed ultra-thin, reducing the chance of vignetting immensely – making the filter absolutely compatible for wide-angle lenses.

The HOYA HD nano Mk II truly sets the benchmark for the premium class of filters. Its quality excels in all areas, providing the best effectiveness and protection at the same time. This titan is recommended for advanced and professional photographers – especially to those who are frequently shooting in harsh conditions that need an extra level of quality for their filter. A truly powerful filter!

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