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TILTA Full Cage Tatical Gray TA-T18-FCC (a7S III)

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TILTA Full Cage Tatical Gray TA-T18-FCC (a7S III)

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Made specifically for video content creators that demand excellent low light performance, numerous recording options, and long recording times, the new A7sIII builds upon the legacy of the A7sII to deliver a camera that hits all the right spots for a camera of this level.

Inspired by the usefulness and ingenuity of this camera?s design, Tilta set off to incorporate new design touches that help elevate the camera even further. As part of the Tiltaing series of products, Tilta has put together a versatile, yet lightweight camera cage that is just the beginning for building a camera rig for professional video. The new camera cage is designed to augment and protect the a7sIII, as well as add expansion options like our new rotating top handle, rotating side handles, ARRI standard rosette mounts, and much more.

Full Cage Only:
1x Full Cage For Sony A7S III Tactical Gray

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