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ROLLEI KIT Filtros ND + CPL (Mavic Air 2)

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ROLLEI KIT Filtros ND + CPL (Mavic Air 2)

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Principais Caracteristicas:

  • Filter set for the Mavic Air 2
  • Consists of: ND4 / CPL, ND8 / CPL, ND16 / CPL, Astroklar
  • Light aluminum frame
  • Q: X Pro-Coating

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This filters can help you to extend the shutter speed of your drone camera - which would otherwise not be possible in this form. Your subject is too bright. Simply reduce the light and make colors appear even more saturated.

They don't just include ND filter, but also a combined one, depending on the set CPL filter, which is mainly used to reduce non-metallic reflections in the image. But also one Astroklar filter* can be found in any kit that can reduce the light pollution emitted by cities at night.

Made from one piece of optical glass and can be attached to your drone without any problems. The frame of the filter is made of particularly stable, but also lightweight aluminum, so that your drone will have no difficulty in maintaining its usual flight stability.

Coming with extreme fine-grain F:X Pro-Coating with which you will without question achieve brilliant results 

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