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KAISER Mesa ciclorama Top Table Vario XL 5840

Código: 4001072058407
KAISER Mesa ciclorama Top Table Vario XL 5840
Mesa ciclorama compacta para fotografia de produto ou reproduções. fornecida com acrílico translúcido. Dimensões a área de trabalho plana: aprox. 94 x 90 cm

399,00 €DisponívelEntrega prevista dia 29 junho

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Flexible shooting table for larger object photography without an interfering background.

Translucent poly-carbonate sheet with matte non-reflective surface and preformed front edge.
Strong aluminum frame with four lockable castors.
Adjustable backdrop angle (60° range).

Quite simple assembling using pre-assembled connecting elements.

Level work space on table (WxD): approx. 94 x 90 cm 
Working height approx. 73 cm 
Height of backdrop: up to 78 cm 
Total height with backdrop in vertical position (WxHxD): approx. 116 x 151 x 138 cm 

The potential load depends on the object's footprint. The smaller this area, the lower the weight; the larger the object's footprint, the higher the acceptable weight.

For example the table can bear an object with a 30 x 40 cm footprint and a weight of approx. 10 kg

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