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Rode NT-USB Mini

Ref.: 0698813006687

O NT-USB Mini traz a qualidade de som imaculada dos microfones de estúdio de classe mundial da RØDE para um microfone USB compacto e fácil de usar. Concebido para fornecer áudio de qualidade cristalina e profissional directamente a um computador ou tablet, é o microfone perfeito para jogadores, podcasters, músicos, streamers e criadores de conteúdos que queiram ser ouvidos em definição total.

Principais Características

  • High-quality condenser capsule that delivers warmth and presence for a clear, professional sound in all recording applications.
  • Directional cardioid polar pattern, optimised to reduce room sound and focus on the subject, be it dialogue, vocals or instruments.
  • In-built pop filter for reducing plosives.
  • Integrated 360-degree swing mount for quick and easy positioning on a desktop, mic stand, or studio arm.
Preço: 135,00 €


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Studio Sound, Simplified

The NT-USB Mini brings the pristine sound quality of RØDE’s world-renowned studio mics to a compact USB platform. It has been tailored specifically to deliver warmth and presence in your recordings and will sound amazing on dialogue, vocals, guitar – anything you throw in front of it. It features a studio-grade headphone amplifier and a high-quality 3.5mm headphone output, complete with precision volume control, allowing you to easily monitor your audio. There is also a switchable zero-latency monitoring mode for eliminating distracting echo when recording. It’s incredibly easy to set up and use, with simple controls, an in-built pop filter, and a class-compliant USB output that works seamlessly with computers or tablets, no drivers or software needed. Just plug into your Mac, PC or tablet and hit record.
As Flexible As You Need To Be
The NT-USB Mini has been designed to be as flexible as you need to be. It features a unique detachable magnetic desk stand – not only does this provide a sturdy base on any desktop, it also makes it incredibly easy to remove and attach to a mic stand or studio arm. This and the unique 360-degree swing mount means you can position the mic upright, on an angle, sideways or upside down – wherever it needs to be to get the best recording possible. Whether you’re streaming on Twitch, recording into your favourite DAW or taking a business call on Skype, the NT-USB Mini will ensure you’re heard in full definition.
Stylish and Compact
The NT-USB Mini is the perfect addition to any desktop or home studio setup. At just 89mm wide and 141mm tall, it’s very compact, taking up only a fraction of precious desktop real estate. And it looks fantastic: sleek and stylish, with clean lines and a modern aesthetic. Hard-wearing steel and reinforced nylon resin construction ensure the NT-USB Mini is ready to take on the rigours of recording anywhere and everywhere.
  • Class-compliant USB output that works seamlessly with computers or tablets, no drivers or software needed – just plug in and hit record.
  • Zero-latency headphone monitoring eliminates distracting echo.
  • Studio-quality headphone amplifier with precision level control.
  • Steel and reinforced nylon resin construction, stylish matte black finish and compact, modern design.
  • Unique detachable magnetic desk stand that provides excellent isolation from knocks and bumps and is quick and easy to remove.

Acoustic Principle Pressure gradient

Active Electronics Electret condenser, A/D and USB interface

Polar Pattern Cardioid

Frequency Range 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Input SPL @ 1% THD 121dB (A-weighted, as per IEC651)

Sample Rates 48 kHz

Bus Powered Yes

Bit Depth 24-bit

Analog Outputs 3.5mm headphone

Computer Connectivity USB - simultaneous I/O

Mono input, stereo output

Output Connection USB-C

OS Requirements macOS 10.12 / Windows 10

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