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TILTA Kit Black TA-T12-B-B (C70)

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TILTA Kit Black TA-T12-B-B (C70)

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Principais Caracteristicas:

  • Full Camera Cage for Canon C70 – Black(TA-T12-FCC-B)
  • Tiltaing Advanced Left Side Handle Attachment Type VI – Black(TA-AHA6-L-B)
  • Tiltaing Left Side Advanced Power Handle with Run/Stop (F570 Battery) – Black(TA-LRH-57-B)
  • Advanced Side Handle Run/Stop Cable for USB-C Port(RS-TA3-USBC)

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c70 camera cage

Highly Compatible

Multiple built-in 1/4”-20 screw holes in all directions of the camera cage. Ready for mounting various accessories. The top plate has dual cold shoe mounts for mounting a top handle, monitor bracket, on-board microphone, etc.


Multiple Holes For Mounting

Multiple 1/4”-20 screw holes and cold shoe mounts for mounting various accessories simultaneously.

Top handle

Top Handle

The dual cold shoe mounts on top of the camera cage are ready for mounting accessories such as a top handle, on-board microphone, additional light, etc.

security attachment

Security Attachment

The additional security attachment with anti-slip cushion adds more security to the camera.

side handle

Left Side Arm

Multiple built-in 1/4”-20 screw holes and cold shoe mounts. Allows for the mounting of various accessories.


Side Handle

The side arm has a built-in NATO slot & 1/4”-20 screw hole with locating point for connecting a side handle.

Dual Holding Grips

Dual Holding Grips

Supports run/stop control and lens control. Dual holding grips provide more support and longer operating time.

Right Side Arm

Right Side Arm

The right side arm provides multiple 1/4”-20 screw holes with locating points, wrist strap holder, and shoulder strap holder.

Rigid Custom Design

Rigid Custom Design

The custom fitted camera cage for Canon C70 provides an ARRI compatible rosette for mounting various accessories, as well as reserved space for all of the connection ports.


Flexible Operation

Quickly rotate the adjustable top handle to set up for a vertical operating mode. Easily adjust for balance and steady operation.


ARRI Compatible Rosette

The bottom of the camera cage has a built-in cold shoe mount, 1/4”-20 screw holes with locating points, and an ARRI compatible rosette. The ARCA quick release plate is directly compatible with the Tiltaing 15mm LWS baseplate and DJI RS2 gimbal.


Lens Adapter Support

The front of the camera cage has built-in screw holes for mounting a lens adapter support. Compatible with various lens adapters. Provides protection for the camera’s lens mount.

Multi-Functional Top Plate (optional)

Multi-Functional Top Plate (Optional)

The top plate has a built-in cold shoe mount for mounting accessories such as monitor bracket, additional light, etc. It is compatible with the original C70 top handle.

Full Camera Cage for Canon C70 - Black

Base Accessory Mounting Plate

The mounting plate has multiple built-in ARRI standard locating points & 1/4”-20 screw holes. Compatible with the original ARCA quick release plate on RS2 gimbal. The NATO rail on the side arm is compatible with Tilta side handles.


Full Camera Cage for Canon C70 - Black


  • [PROTECTIVE ARMOR] for Canon C70 Minimizes Wear and Tear Over Time
  • [MOUNT ACCESSORIES] via NATO Rail, Arri Compatible Rosette, Cold Shoe Receivers and 1/4"-20 Threads with Locating Pins
  • [POWER & RECORD] via the Advanced Power Handle with Run Stop
  • [ARCA COMPATIBLE] Bottom Plate Allows for Quick Mounting on DJI RS 2
  • [SHOOT VERTICALLY] via Bottom Plate Rosette Connection for Mounting Adjustable Top Handle

This Handheld Kit provides protective armor for the Canon C70 and includes relevant accessories to improve the functionality of the C70 when shooting handheld.

The Full Cage features several 1/4”-20 threads with locating pins, dual cold shoe receivers, and a NATO Rail for Type IV and VI Side Handles.

It also features an ARRI Compatible Rosette Connection as well as a Rod Attachment Port for our optional Single Rod Holders.

This rosette is uniquely located on the bottom of the cage which allows for our Adjustable Top Handle to be mounted in order to more comfortably shoot vertically.

An additional Security Attachment with an anti-slip cushion is located in the top left corner of the cage and creates an additional point of contact for added security.

The Bottom Plate provides 1/4?-20 threads for attaching your camera to various quick release plates and is compatible with the ARCA Receiver of the RS2 Mounting Plate.

The included EF Mount Lens Adapter Support mounts to front of the cage to provide an additional point of contact to support an RF to EF Adapter.

The included Advanced Power Handle mounts to the left side of the cage via a NATO Rail connection.

This handle features a 12V Micro DC Port (3.5/1.35mm) and an 8V USB-C port for powering your camera body or other accessories like our Nucleus Nano Wireless Lens Control System.

The handle is also able to control Run Stop on the C70 via an included Run Stop Cable.

The rotation of the handle and additional hand strap allows for comfortable and flexible operation of the Canon C70.

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