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ROLLEI Tripé C6i Carbono

Código: 4048805226115
ROLLEI Tripé C6i Carbono
O tripé de carbono ultra leve com um peso total (incl. cabeça esférica) de apenas 1627g foi especialmente concebido para fotógrafos de viagens e cidades. Suporta 12 Kg.

198,00 €DisponívelEntrega prevista dia 18 junho

Principais Caracteristicas:

  • Cabeça 3d Ball head
  • Altura maxima 179.5cm
  • Altura minima 2.5cm
  • Peso 1627g
  • Capacidade de carga 12Kg

* Preços incluem IVA à taxa (legal) em vigor

Rollei C6i Carbon Tripod

Rollei C-Class tripods have gained an excellent reputation among professionals and ambitious amateurs. This is reflected in the numerous awards and recommendations they have received from the media. So now we are extremely pleased that we have been able to further improve these outstanding tripods. Carbon fibre reinforced plastics, more commonly referred to as carbon, interwoven into several layers forms the basis for the highly stable tripod legs.

More functional thanks to weight saving materials

Thanks to the carbon tubes, the total weight of the Rollei C6i Tripod has been reduced by a quarter. Of course the stability doesn't suffer and in fact benefits from the carbon fibre's resilience. The load bearing capacity has not decreased one bit. With a total weight of just one and a half kilograms, the C6i Carbon can hold a staggering 12kg of equipment, that's eight times its own weight, including the 3D ball head. 

Macro central column, 3D Head and quick release plates- All included

Rollei tripods are well equipped as standard and of course the C6i Carbon is no exception. The 3D ball head comes with a vertical and horizontal water level, which is easily readable even in poor visibility. The ARCASWISS compatible quick release plate doesn't just fit a Pro DSLR, it even allows you to pan a full sized camcorder around 360°. The central column has been designed based on the wishes of passionate photographers. With just a few simple steps you can rotate the column so that it comes into direct contact with the ground. If you would like to configure your camera at the maximum height of 162.5 cm you can hand your camera bag or camera rucksack from the secure hook on the central column to further improve the stability.

Mono-pod with its own belt pouch

Do you need to move about in confined spaces with your tripod? With just a few steps you can change the Rollei C6i Carbon Stand into a mono-pod with a combined height of 169cm. When pushed together it can comfortably fit in the special belt pouch, which of course is included with the product. Three stable steel spikes and the multi-purpose key also fit in the spacious and robust tripod bag.

Material: Carbon


Weight (excl. ball head) 1.26 kg

Weight (incl. ball head) 1.63 kg

Min height 2.5 cm

Max height 171.5 cm

Base width 12 cm

Tripod load 12 kg

Segments 4


Weight (excl. ball head) 0.43 kg

Weight (incl. ball head) 0.8 kg

Max height 179.5 cm

Min height 89.5 cm

Load 5 kg

Ball head

Controls pan, tilt, lock

Height 9.7 cm

Base width 5.8 cm

Weight 0.37 kg

Load 12 kg

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