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ILFORD MULTIGRADE FB CLASSIC 5K 20.3x25.4cm (25 Folhas)

Código: 0019498172243
ILFORD MULTIGRADE FB CLASSIC 5K 20.3x25.4cm (25 Folhas)
Papel fotográfico preto e branco de contraste variável com base de fibra e acabamento mate de qualidade superior.

ILFORD MULTIGRADE FB CLASSIC is a premium quality, variable contrast, black and white photographic paper on a heavyweight baryta coated, fibre base. It is designed for creative printers wanting neutral image tone, great clarity and a good response to toners.

Versatile and easy to use, this paper creates rich deep blacks and has excellent tonal rendition.  MULTIGRADE FB CLASSIC responds well to toning, chemical reduction and retouching techniques, particularly on the glossy surface.

MULTIGRADE FB is also available in [Cooltone] and [Warmtone] variants and is compatible with the ILFORD optimum permanence wash sequence.

MULTIGRADE FB CLASSIC is part of the ILFORD MULTIGRADE system and seven full grades of contrast can be achieved when used with ILFORD MULTIGRADE filters. It can be used with most common safelights for black & white darkroom paper such as the ILFORD 902 safelight filter.

Wondering which paper to choose? Read this guide to picking your perfect Black & White paper.



MULTIGRADE 1 + 9 1 ½-3min

MULTIGRADE 1 + 14 2-5min

BROMOPHEN 1 + 3 1 ½-3min

PQ UNIVERSAL 1 + 9 1 ½-3min

Stop Bath  

ILFOSTOP 1 + 19 10 secs


RAPID 1 + 4 1min

HYPAM 1 + 4 1min

Wash in running water 30-45min

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