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    Rollei Tripé CARBONO C5i

    Ref.: 4048805226108

    O tripé de carbono ultra leve com um peso total (incl. cabeça esférica) de apenas 1300g foi especialmente concebido para fotógrafos de viagens e cidades. Suporta 8 Kg.

    Principais Características

    • Cabeça esférica 3D
    • Altura maxima 157.5cm
    • Altura minima 2.5cm
    • Peso 1300g
    • Capacidade de carga 8Kg
    Preço: 139,00 €


    Preços incluem o Iva à taxa em vigor

     Rollei C5i Carbon Tripod

    The award winning Rollei C5i and C6i tripods are now available made of carbon. By using this high-tech material, we have been able to cut down the weight of both models by a quarter without compromising the stability or load bearing capacity. The C5i Carbon Tripod now weighs just over a kilogram. However, it wasn't just the material that we improved on this popular outdoor tripod.
    One Leg or Three Leg Stand – transforms in no time
    The Rollei C5i Carbon Tripod can also be transformed with just a few simple steps into a stable and compact mono-pod almost instantly. The secure and smooth quick release fasteners allow you to precisely align the whole tripod and two spirit levels in the tripod head allow you to quickly find the right shooting angle. Although carbon is characterised by its very pleasant and well tampered feel, the tripod legs have been further improved by non-slip foam reinforcements.

    Macro Central Column with its own breaking mechanism
    You can rotate the central column and use the Rollei C5i Carbon Tripod for ground level macro shots. The central column damping allows you to conveniently and securely lock the central column. The 3D ball head with vertical and horizontal spirit levels can hold a total weight of eight kilograms when in any position. This is more than enough for a professional camera with lens, filter holder and filters. The ideal combination for long exposure specialists. The quick release plate is ARCASWISS compatible and fits in the robust tripod bag with the tripod, tripod hooks, tools and panorama head.
    Material: Carbon
    Weight (excl. ball head) 1.03 kg
    Weight (incl. ball head) 1.34 kg
    Min height 2.5 cm
    Max height 157.5 cm
    Base width 11 cm
    Tripod load 8 kg
    Segments 4
    Weight (excl. ball head) 0.34 kg
    Weight (incl. ball head) 0.65 kg
    Max height 164.5 cm
    Min height 34.3 cm
    Load 10 kg
    Ball head
    Controls pan, tilt, lock
    Height 9 cm
    Base width 4.2 cm
    Weight 0.31 kg
    Load 0.01 kg
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