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Código: 4547410429091
A GF30mm F3.5 R WR é uma objetiva grande angular de 24mm (equiv no formato 35mm/FullFrame) para as camaras de medio formato da serie GFX da Fujifilm, nomeadamente a GFX50s, GFX50R e GFX100, as quais hoje tiveram o maior e mais significativo update de firmware da sua historia!

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Principais Caracteristicas:

  • Distância focal 30 mm
  • Abertura F3.5 - F32
  • Filtro 58mm
  • Peso 510g

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Broaden your view

The 24mm*1 angle of view has become so popular that many consider this to be the standard for wide angle lenses.
Once this was referred to as super wide angle, but now this view captures all the magic of a scene.
This lens has excellent edge to edge sharpness, bringing out the full potential of GFX sensors, helping to convert what you see into art.
Reality Reproduced
The lens reproduces sharp edges and shows every fine detail.
Yet, the ultimate goal of high image resolution is to reproduce things as close to real life as possible.
A truly great photograph conveys a gentle touch rather than harsh sharpness.
See more of the world
This lens is designed to enhance your joy in photography as you continue to use it.
It does this by being compact when combined with the camera, allowing you to be confident enough to use it in every environment.
The wide angle of view and advanced image sharpness combines with your creativity to capture your "impression" of a scene, which is the precious element of photography.
Working with you
Ideally the autofocus system on a lens should be almost unnoticeable.
It should finish autofocussing by the time you press the shutter button.
It should be so fast and quiet that you don't even feel it.
The AF in the GF30mm is such a system.
Protect your creativity from the elements
Weather-sealing is often thought of as a feature that just protects the lens.
What in fact it also protects your creativity and the photograph you are trying to take.
Using a fluorine coating on the front lens element makes it dust and moisture resistant, which allows you to concentrate on photography even in tough conditions.
Bin Zhang
GFX100 30mm|F16|40sec.|ISO250
GF30mm F3.5 R WR
Bin Zhang
GFX100 30mm|F3.5|30sec.|ISO6400
GF30mm F3.5 R WR

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